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 Updated final list of Ayurveda Practitioners upto 11-11-2015. Click here for details

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    All students who have obtained primary medical degree from Georgia are required to remit service fee for obtaining verification regarding authenticity of documents.    Please, be further informed that the payment of the above mentioned fee may be made only in Lari, the National currency of Georgia by using the following Bank requisites of the Center:  Bank of the Recipient  -  The State Treasury, Name of Recipient - The Unified Account of the Treasury, Bank Code - TRESGE22, Account of the Recipient/Treasury Code - 707637113.  Hence all concerned are directed to conduct office of T.C.M.C. 0471-2307227.

   Attention of Medical Graduates obtained degree from Foreign Countries.

Foreign Graduates when approach for Registration of their Primary Medical Qualification obtained from Foreign Countries shall produce letter from embassy concerned that the said Qualification is Recognized for enrollment as a Medical Practitioner in that country along with all other Certificates mentioned with check list attached to the application for Registration.


 Notice to Homeopathy Medical Practitioners registered  with this Council  

Time Limit for filing required details as per Notice Dated 13-05-2014 by Homoeopathy Doctors Registered with this Council has been extended upto 15-07-2014

 "Announcement to Registered Doctors in Modern Medicine"

Affixing Registration Number etc. regarding

Attention of all registered Siddha Medical Practitioners. Click here for details

Attention of all registered practitioners in Indian Systems of Medicine (Ayurveda only). for declaration and life certificate click here




Attention of all registered Homoeopathic Medical Practitioners. Click here for details.

   Notice to Homeopathy Medical Practitioners registered  with this Council

The Preliminary list consisting the details of all registered medical practitioners registered upto 7.9.2013 is hosted with website, calling for objections and suggestions within 15 days of this posting.
Extention of time for obtaining new certificates 
The time for submitting documents for obtaining High Security Certificate has been extended upto 31st August, 2013.  There will be no further extention of time limit. All doctors are requested to obtain High Security Certificate within the time limit itself. 

Notice to Registered Siddha Practitioners
Announcement to Medical Practitioners in Modern Medicine
Revision of fees on various Certificates 
 Notice to all Homoeopathic Practitioners 
 The time limit for submitting documents for the purpose of updating the Register of Homoeopathy Practitioners has been extended upto 30th April 2013.  All are requested to abide by the Instructions.
Notice to all Homoeopathic Practitioners
Schedule of Date for Election, Publish
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The Indian Medical Council (Professional conduct, etiquette and ethics) Regulation 2002  is hereby published for Complaince by all Registered Medical Practitioners.  All are requested to abide by the Regulations



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